Terrell Nelson

Executive Director

Native from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Mr. Nelson serves as the first Executive Director for the Florida Council on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys. With his history of academic achievement, professional development, and evolving strategies, he plans to redirect the council to innovation and effective sustainability. Before joining the team, Mr. Nelson worked as an 11th and 12th English teacher at Simmons High School in Hollandale, Mississippi as a member of Teach for America. Teach for America recruits outstanding and diverse leaders to become TFA “corps members.” Corps members commit to teaching for two years in a low-income community, where they’re employed by local schools and confront both the challenges and joys of expanding opportunities for kids. During his time at Simmons High School, he had the opportunity to serve as anAt-Risk Tutor for the Upward Bound Program and the ACT/SAT campus coordinator.

However, his time in Mississippi was shorted live after realizing his true passion was in the college classroom. Mr. Nelson took his gifts and talents to Georgetown University as a Student and Parent Service Advisor, helping high school students with dual enrollment and Georgetown University’slaw, health, technology, and liberal arts summer program. Shortly after, he landed back on his stepping ground in Tallahassee, Florida serving as an instructor and advisor at Florida State University, where he first advised in the College of Health and Human Sciences and later transitioned to the Undergraduate Studies Exploratory Program helping undecided students find their path on and off-campus by evaluating three components: self, major and career choice.

Mr. Nelson also served as a Pageant Director for the Florida A&M University Collegiate 100 Chapter for six years, providing personal development, professional development, and life skills to better the advancement of students on and off the university campus. In addition to this expertise, he established Tbakes&Co, a catering, and baking business that mostly provides baked products and gourmet meals to the Tallahassee region.

Mr. Nelson also is a committed member of the Truth Gatherers Dream Center Church and one of its collegiate ministers. Mr. Nelson founded his second business, It’s All in You Life Coach Services, where he specializes in Spirituality and Relationships of all kinds, out of his desire for spiritual awareness and self-development.His commitment to service is evident in everything he does, and he has no intention of stopping. At Saint Thomas University, Mr. Nelson is presently pursuing his Ph.D. in Ethical Leadership with a focus on Higher Education. He earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Florida A&M University and a master’s degree in higher education administration from Duquesne University. According to Mr. Nelson, life is more about giving than it is about receiving. Giving something bigger than yourself and working persistently on changing yourself will enable you to give to those around you something enduring.